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    Croydon Warehouse

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    What do you do?

    We are wedding and event decorators. We have a huge stock selection from furniture, custom items, florals fresh and silk, dancefloors, lighting, sound, production, centrepieces, and more.

    We can create a design for you based on an overall theme/budget or you can select through the items you want and we can quote.

    Do you setup?

    Yes! We setup the decor we provide.

    If you are taking a full decor service we will setup the chairs, decor, centrepieces and backdrops etc.

    If you are just hiring furniture from us then we will only do a delivery only service.

    How much is Decor?

    This is the question! It varies, we like to compare it to decorating a house.

    Some people like to have their homes very minimalistic, just a sofa, a rug and a TV for instance whereas some people like to have – a sofa, a rug, photos on the wall, curtains, a picture frame, flower pots and more.

    So linking this back to decor is very similar.

    We offer a wide range of items from centrepieces, backdrops, furniture, staging, lighting and more. Each one of these services has a variety of level of decor and styles and therefore comes with a variety of prices.

    So it is very hard to say.

    Some clients might spend £1,500 some clients spend £20k it varies depending on the items you choose.

    Do you have a showroom?

    We used to have a showroom prior to covid, however now we meet clients over zoom to discuss all the requirements of the day.

    We can then put together a quote based on the requirements and specific requests.

    Where are you based?

    Our warehouse is in Croydon in London.

    We do travel further afield but our minimum spends reflect the locations.

    Do you travel?

    We mostly work in London and M25 – we do travel further a field but we have minimum spends.

    Can I hire Just one thing?

    Mostly no,

    We have minimum spends- the order has to reach 1k-2k for us to be able to send someone out into London during off peak season.

    However this varies depending on date and location

    For instance we wouldn’t be able to hire just a cake table to London as we have to reserve items for clients that book us for full decor.

    We provide a lot of items for events so let us cover your decor and production!

    Do you do a site visit?

    We have been in business for over 11 years so in the time we have covered many venues, you can view our youtube, social media or blogs to view photographs of events. So quite often we would know the venue, however if we have not then you can send photos over or we can discuss the requirements of the venue and our decor should work inside.

    If you did still want a site visit we can do one however we do charge a site visit fee, which is not refundable as it is a fee for us to come the venue.

    Can you do a mock up of the flowers

    We can do a mock up of the florals prior to the event for a fee.

    We charge as this takes time with our staff and team in order to prepare the mock up for you.

    The week before the wedding or event we tend to prepare the order so you can potentially  see the flowers at this point.